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Ruben Abovian

1948 | Yerevan, Armenia

Ruben Abovian was born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1948. With a profound knowledge of traditional and contemporary art, Abovian creates paintings with a unique blend of classic technique with mysterious, whimsical and spirited characters and settings. Abovian’s works are painted with a masterful hand; his brushstrokes are expressive and his paintings are awash in color and movement. Some of his works seem to be his interpretation of master works of the past, but he introduces his own personalities to the scene and he seduces the viewer with bursts of mystery and sensuality.

Ruben Abovian has exhibited extensively worldwide and his paintings hang in many corporate collections. In addition, he has been on the Board of Directors of the Union of Artists of Armenia and the U.S.S.R., and since 1991, Abovian has held the title of Honorable Artist of the Republic of Armenia.


Featured Work



2014 — ”Beauty in the Palm”, Beirut, Lebanon
2014 — ”Selected Art Works 2014”, Vienna, Austria
2013 — “Sensual Revelations”, Beirut, Lebanon
2013 — Selected Art Works, Beirut, Lebanon
2013 — 10th Anniversary of Arame Art Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2012 — “Masters of Contemporary Renaissance”, Beirut, Lebanon
2012 — “Symphony of Colors”, Beirut, Lebanon
2012 — Grand Opening of Arame Art Gallery’s New Branch, Yerevan, Armenia
2011 — UNESCO Palace with Arame Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2010 — New Masterpieces of Arame Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2010 — Art Center of Haigazian University, Beirut, Lebanon
2003 — “Romantic Realism” at Arame Art Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2008 — Arame Art Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2004 — Gallery “A”, Moscow, Russia
2004 — International Artexpo, New York, USA
2003 — International Art Expo, New York, USA
2002 — Wentworth Gallery, Washington, USA
2001 — Art Expo, New York, USA
2000 — Art Expo, Las Vegas, USA
1998 — Art Expo, New York, USA
1997 — Galerie Mouvances, Paris, France
1996 — Espace Berthelot, Lyon, France
1996 — Post-Soviet Painting, Beirut, Lebanon
1995 — Espace Topalian, Geneva, Switzerland
1993 — Gallery Nikol Manoukian, New York, USA
1991 — The New Academy Gallery, London, England
1989 — Nationwide Juried Exhibition (Honorable Third Place), Moscow, Russia
1988 — Biennale International de Kosice, Czechoslovakia
1987 — La Pintura Contemporánea de Armenia, Madrid, Spain
1986 — Strana Sovetov, Moscow, Russia
1986 — Mall Galleries, London, England
1985 — Galerie Basmadjian, Paris, France
1984 — Kunst des Sowjetischen Armenians, Berlin, Germany
1984 — BIA Oberbank Hauptplatz, Vienna, Austria
1983 — Galerie ARTE, Tampere, Finland
1983 — Armenian Colors, Montreal, Canada
1978 — Molodaya Gvardia, Moscow, Russia